SUG Bangalore May 2015 Meet

We have had our 2nd Sitecore User Group Bangalore meet!

This time we went for something different, and arranged for a session about the front end side of things while working on sitecore sites.
Husain, our Sr Front End engineer @ Verndale lead the session and provided insight into the working here at Verndale with regard to front end development with Sitecore.
He went over the methodology followed, key points to keep in mind, and basically what you need to do differently while working on a sitecore site as opposed to any other website.

Here’s the presentation he used:

And here’s a recording of his session:

The second session we had was a deep dive into Glass.Mapper.Sc and its usage. In the kick off meet, I guess I was worried about how I would fill up 2 hours of time, and as a result the agenda was rather lofty! This time, I had the luxury of hindsight and decided to concentrate only on Glass.Mapper, something i literally brushed over in the previous session.
In addition to the basics of setup and usage / page editor support and various ways of customizing the glass functionality, we also discussed the more complex concepts of scalability and multisite solutions with Glass.Mapper. We went over a demo solution, showing complete page editor support and also went over tips for glassmapper usage and a few best practices.

Here’s the presentation I used:

And here’s a recording of my session:

This time being the second time around for us, we also got around to getting banners and flyers out there! Here’s a peek!

SUG Bangalore Flyer

SUG Bangalore Banner

And Here’s a peek to what we can expect from the next SUG Bangalore session!
As you can see, we have an empty slot open for anyone who would like to present at the session. So if any of you have ideas / topics you would like to present, do get in touch with us or start a discussion at SUG Bangalore Meetup.

For July 2015

Thank you for all who RSVPed, I do hope you will find the presentations useful.

Hoping for even greater participation in the next meetup!

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