Export Item Data Tool (Module) for Sitecore

Download Here

Often we come across situations where we need to export data from our Sitecore instance into common formats like excel / xml / json etc. Usually we end up writing ad hoc scripts for this based on the requirements.

This is exactly what this tool does. It allows you to write sort of a query to determine what data you’d want, and let you export this data to the common formats like Excel / XML and Json.

This tool lets you nest fields to account for reference fields too. As an example, lets look at this scenario – I have a bunch of Article items, and I need to export this data into excel.

This was the structure in place:


So for the above templates, we would use the following query: Headline,Article Type(Title),Necessary Products(Sku,ProductType(Title)),Skill Level(Title)

The module basically does an index search and hence also needs the comma separated template id(s), search location / language and index name to do the search. In addition to the custom fields that can be added, we could also choose to include common attributes like Item Id, Item Name etc.

Here’s another simple example with the sample output data:



A look at sitecore:


Sample Output:





The code for this tool is available in github: https://github.com/aceanindita/sitecore-export-item-data-tool

Once installed, the tool appears in the sitecore menu as:


To see the steps to create a sitecore module please refer: Creating a Sitecore Module

4 thoughts on “Export Item Data Tool (Module) for Sitecore

  1. Very cool article. Something I would like to spend more time trying out. Have you seen the Sitecore PowerShell Extensions module? It provides some capabilities like a report creator you may find beneficial too.


  2. Thanks much. Worked well for the most part including linked data items. However, having trouble cleanly linking Item Fields that map to Media Library Items whose raw value looks like this “”. Is there a good way to specify the fields in your export tool such that it exports the media library item’s attributes also, instead of the raw value? Look forward to your insights


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