What’s New?

Working with the Sitecore Query Builder field using SOLR

Sitecore’s query builder can be a very versatile tool for content authors if setup right. It can give the content authors the option to virtually select any set of items to display on a given module.
This, paired with the right set of custom facet definitions, can work wonders to optimize the content author experience.


Adding search facets on computed fields in Sitecore 9 with SOLR

Adding facets to help content authors in searching content is always a great idea, especially when you have rather large buckets with loads of items.


Loading rendering wise CSS / JS in Sitecore

For a client, we came across a request for enabling rendering wise CSS and JS assets. This is definitely something that should be used judicially to balance the performance benefit of not load up unnecessary css / js vs the performance hit to load up multiple files over multiple http requests.


EditFrame vs Experience Editor Buttons in Sitecore

Compare and contrast between these 2 ways to make your site more content author friendly!

Add workflow notifications for all editable items on a Sitecore page

Enable notifications on all editable items on your page which need workflow approval to be published in content editor and experience editor mode!